Staff Review (five staff members) With Video

Do you want multiple opinions of your app from various prospectives? 

Our terrific staff includes parents, teachers, therapists and - 

- a PhD Research Student studing the effects iof using apps with children with ASD

- a former software engineer

- a public relations profession with 20 years experience


and others who are eager to test and review your app. With a staff review, five staff members review the same app. Star ratings will be given from each staff member, resulting in an average overall rating. Each staff member will provide strengths, suggestions, and general opinion of the app. All staff reviews will be shared through our social media networks.

All sponsored post pages are indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. 
With this option, in addition to the Staff Review we provide a custom video of our fabulous Eleanor demonstrating your app with her comments. Many video services offer 2-4 minute videos for $150 or more. Our videos often exceed 8-10 minutes, for a lower price.

The video will posted permanently to our YouTube account, which has more than 10,000 subscribers and six million views. (

**PLEASE NOTE** Purchasing a priority review does not in any way guarantee a good review or a rating that will be stronger than a non-priority review. "Priority" only affects how quickly the review will be posted. 

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Staff Review (five staff members) With Video

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