Want to find out how good your app **really** is?  

Have your app reviewed by the most trusted name in kids' apps - smartappsforkids.com. We are the most honest and toughest kids' apps reviewers in the market. We've looked at thousands of apps and less than five percent have received our full five stars.

With this option, your review will be completed and posted within 24 hours of receiving your payment and promo code.


Purchasing a 24-hour review does not in any way guarantee a good review or a rating that will be stronger than a non-priority review. "Priority" only affects how quickly the review will be posted. 

There is difference between a sponsored post and a review. For a review, one of our staff members goes through each aspect of the app, providing both positive and negative feedback. A sponsored post (if we accept the app) is a pomotional post, an advertisement in post form.

Please don’t plan promotions/events around the publication of a review. If you want to promote your app, please consider advertising or a sponsored post.

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24-Hour Review

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